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DISCOVERING Your Power: How to Find Your Voice

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In the age of information overload, I've discovered that the only way to know peace is to know exactly where you stand. Today's reality is that you can find arguments to support.....well....any argument. While that can be overwhelming, it can also be a blessing in encouraging you to find your own voice.

I grew up the youngest of three girls in a house full of beautiful, strong, opinionated women. Though it has strengthened my character in many ways, I also didn't have many chances to use my voice. There was always someone there to basically say, "been there, done that, do that or don't do that." In that environment, not only did I not use my voice (other than in music and writing) but the guidance worked so well most of the time that I didn't even feel the need to find my own voice. I know.

But that's why I love living in New York City. This city continues to collect what is now a wide portfolio of personalities and only the most authentic survive. This city forced me to find out who I was and who I am today. That's why, when it comes to being okay, it's important to FIND YOUR VOICE. Since you clicked on this article, I'm assuming you're looking for yours. Welcome, I've compiled a list of four ways (or steps in no particular order) to find your voice:

1. Self-reflection

This one is pretty cut and dry but, reflect on your own experiences. Think about the places you've been, the people you've met and the life you've lived. Noticing what you gravitate towards is a key factor in defining your preference. Defining your preference is a great way to amplify your voice!

2. Exploration

Explore! Explore! Explore! Explore your neighborhood or other neighborhoods. Explore different styles and food items. I'll give you a great example; I'm a pretty bland eater. I LOVE raw almonds and dried cranberries as a go-to snack. I mean, I've literally restocked the two for YEARS but recently, I decided to try something new. I bought mixed nuts instead of just raw almonds. After that, I went home and made a trail mix with the mixed nuts, cranberries and dried mango. It was a small step but that exploration of taste made me realize I like Brazil nuts. Maybe my food taste might not be that bland after all. I'm a little fancy with it LOL. Point in case, explore and find something new or old that resonates.

3. Inspiration vs. Imitation

I explain this a bit better in my podcast episode but, there's such a thin line between inspiration and flat out imitation. While you can absolutely imitate someone you admire, it's much more beneficial to zoom in and pinpoint the characteristics you enjoy about them and how you can relate to them. You can use someone else as a reference but you'll never be an exact replica because you have your own voice whether you know it now or not. Instead of flat out imitation, ask yourself what it is that you like about them and move from that point. THAT'S inspiration.

And finally...


Practice speaking up, with love. Practice speaking out, even if your voice shakes. The longer you give yourself permission to speak, the more normal it will feel and the more you will do it naturally.

So, that's it! Those are my top 4 ways to find your voice. Of course, there are many other ways and as you find your voice I know you will discover your own unique ways. Remember that life is a journey and I'll tell you what I wish someone would have told me: there is no such thing as a lesson you should have learned yesterday, the journey of life is to pick things up and drop them off along the way!

Check out episode 6 of the "I'm Okay" podcast below for inspiration on the go!

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