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I'm Okay: 6 INCREDIBLE Benefits in Finding Your Voice

I wasn't always so outspoken. In fact, I mentioned in a previous post that I actually needed a reason to find my voice. That's what led me here. If you've been running on auto-pilot somewhat efficiently, knowing the benefits of changing that is key to actually doing anything about it.

Here are 4 major benefits of finding and embracing your voice:

1. Stronger Relationships

One of the pillars of a strong relationship in any area of your life is trust and reliability. Finding your voice can lead to words and actions that are true to you. In other words; saying and doing things you would say or do ANYWAY and not just because someone told you to. I don't know about you but it feels so much better on the receiving end when someone does something because that's just the type of person they are vs. me coaching them to do so. Now don't get me wrong, I've been on the other side where I've been totally clueless about something and genuinely wanted to learn from the person but it's much better to connect with people who appreciate most of your natural words and actions. When you find yourself, and you are true to yourself, people can trust your words and actions; that alone makes your connections much stronger.

2. Improved Self-Confidence

Finding your voice is the beginning of self-confidence and can improve learned confidence as well. When you speak from authenticity, you start to trust yourself more. Being able to believe yourself is the key to self confidence and is much stronger than believing in the person you created with characteristics that you've seen work. You'll know when it's you or when it's the voice of someone you've created.

3. You'll Live Out Loud

When you find your voice, you'll notice more of the things you appreciate and also what you don't really care for. You'll learn your likes and dislikes and desire boundaries from the things that deplete your energy. When you start to notice the desire for boundaries, you'll feel more inclined to voice them. The more you embrace your own voice, the more confidence you'll have in creating and voicing those boundaries with ZERO defensiveness. You'll make more choices that are based on your values and less based on feedback.

4. Improved Communication

Much like the first 3 benefits, finding your voice causes you to communicate more clearly. Several of my close friends and family actually don't like making decisions on the smallest things like reservations and leisure plans. I must admit, I was definitely that fly-on-the-wall once but now that I'm not, I actually find that level of ambiguity annoying LOL. Not because I don't love those people with all of my heart but because we end up talking in circles for HOURS (sometimes days) instead of actually making a plan. Do yourself and everybody else's time a favor and make a decision! Be open to suggestions and your decision being challenged but there is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing a preference. That's how people get to know you!

5. A Deeper Understanding of YOU

Have you ever done something and turned around and said "I don't know what I was thinking." Well, I'll tell you what you weren't thinking When you aren't speaking authentically you'll find yourself saying things and living out storylines that aren't your own. Which is fine, if you're an actor. But, that's what causes you to look back and wonder why you even said or did those things in the first place. Inauthentic words and actions also lead to more bouts of fight or flight mode because you haven't created external space for your own opinion. Embracing your voice starts with you finding and embracing it. After that, the world will reflect that same energy back. Finding and embracing your own voice leads to a deeper understanding of your own identity.

6. Satisfaction

Grind culture has peaked and we are now engulfed in pressure to build a brand, and pursue a "larger than life" dream. While that can be inspiring, the problem is that we all had different dreams as kids AND our dreams are constantly evolving with each subsequent goal reached. What looks like a big deal to you might not look big to another. We don't all want or need the same things in life and that's perfectly fine. But, the only way to see that it's perfectly fine is to get comfortable with your own voice. When you are comfortable with your voice you'll be able to pursue your own dreams and goals and get rid of that lingering feeling of not meeting some grandiose standard that doesn't even belong to you in the first place.

I hope this information is helpful and it is my intention that you will notice many more benefits to being authentically you!

Check out episode 6 of the "I'm Okay" series for a reminder on the go!

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