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I'm Okay: The POWER they want you to forget...

An IMAGINATIVE person thrives at ALL TIMES....

Have you ever heard this phrase before? I heard it back in 2017 or so. I was living in Chelsea, doing odd jobs and exploring different books. I came across many books, including Ask and it is Given; that's where I heard this phrase for the first time and it changed my life.

I grew up Christian and first-gen Nigerian so there was plenty of discipline in my childhood. I had so many questions and most of them went unanswered because I was just supposed to be comfortable with the way things were. Until I found this book I never realized the power within me. The answers to most if not all of my questions are within me. Powerful. Life Changing.

Here's what I learned. A visionary or imaginative person thrives at all times. To put it plainly, there are two sides to every story and scenario and your job is to tell your mind the side of the story that is most favorable to you. Just make a decision that you will look for what you want to see at all times. This can be challenging if you're used to running on autopilot like I was. That's why I've come up with my TOP 3 STEPS to stay imaginative like a child!

STEP 1: Affirm "I am a creator NOT a reactor"

Reacting is autopilot. Creating is telling your mind the side of the story that is favorable to you. Look at what you see in your physical world as a result of your past perspective. After you've accepted your past perspective, turn your attention to the side of the story or scenario that is most favorable to you or most favorable in general. Repeat after me, "I am a creator NOT a reactor". "I am a creator NOT a reactor." "I am a creator NOT a reactor." This is sure to have you open and ready to start imagining fun things again!

STEP 2: Release that other "source" and embrace multiple streams of joy!

Okay, I get it; people make us happy, money makes us happy, travel makes us happy. But those things are temporary highs. Furthermore, if you hold on too tight to one of those things it's sure to slip through your fingers. These things flow like water and depend on your perspective and perception in any given moment. Don't depend on one external thing for your happiness and security. Add them all up and spread your joy amongst them all so that you're never left feeling insecure and in lack. If you must depend on a single source, it should be God or really yourself since you have the power to change your own mind about any thing in any moment. Be brave enough to be responsible for your perspective (imagination) because your perspective controls your perception (feelings).

STEP 3: Choose your thoughts!

Did you know you can actually choose your thoughts? I told you I grew up in church and one of the churches I really enjoyed is ONE Church LA. They have a podcast that I listened to a couple of times and one of the hosts said something that I've been seeing in cartoons since I was little. She said, "You have THREE voices in your head; yours, God's and the enemy's." Blew my mind. I immediately pictured that scene in the Emperor's New Groove where Kronk is literally negotiating killing Kusco with what looks like an angel version of him on his right shoulder and a devil version of him on his left. The angel had a side, the devil had a side and they were both trying to convince Kronk what to do. In the end, Kronk made a choice from that. Thoughts are just perspective seeds or offerings. You can choose which one you want to listen to and then act from that. Pay attention to the way you feel and consistently choose thoughts that feel good to you. Some of my favorite default thoughts to get me back to imagining the good are my favorite tv shows, my mom's good health, my good health, breathing deeply, etc.

It might not be logical but that's the point! Logic is not imagination. Logic is autopilot. Imagination is creation. If you can imagine and focus then you can create from that. As we age, we are encouraged to forget about imagining like a child because creators are harder to control. Imagination is the realm of our brain that explores possibilities and it can feel so freaking good! Try these steps and check out the video below if you're like me and need a reminder every day, as you go through autopilot (LOL).

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