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Overcoming Perfectionism

In the midst of a busy airport and thousands of flight cancellations, I found myself running around and running on empty....

The tension in my neck and shoulders tightened with each flight transfer, intercom announcement, child scream, and dog bark (mine, of course). It was then that I asked myself, why am I doing this? And then it hit me, everything that I was doing that day was to appear perfect to someone outside of myself so that I could justify feeling perfectly fine. And then it hit me two times that asking myself "why am I doing this?" is the Solution of solutions to overcoming perfectionism.

My neck, shoulders, and dog thanked me as I slowly began to accept the things that are out of my control and the possibility of appearing "imperfect". We've talked about perfectionism; what it is and how we got it but now we've arrived at the solution. The only reason why we want any kind of merit outside of ourselves is because we've decided that giving ourselves merit has no merit if someone outside of us doesn't agree. Too much? Maybe, but I'm not perfect. And that's okay.

Check out I'm Okay (SERIES) Episode 10 to find the most amazing solutions to finally overcome perfectionism:

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