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Stay On Track! 7 Science Backed Methods to Keep to Your Goals

I've had a lot of changes in the past month, good changes but changes that affect my schedule and routine. As I was scrolling through my emails this morning I started to think about the goals I have and how I can fit all of them onto my schedule. I thought about my reminder in my notes to take things "one thing at a time" but even in that, there seems to be more to staying on track with all of the goals I'm excited about. The phrase "one thing at a time" can be strengthened by identifying which tasks are a priority. It was then that I realized that prioritizing tasks is paramount in actually getting them done. I also found 7 science and psychology-backed strategies to stay on track with your goals no matter what!

Here are a few:

1. Have clear goals. This include prioritizing goals that you can actually see yourself acheiving.

2. Have "sub-goals". Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks that contribute to a larger goal can make the larger goal less intimidating or overwhelming which leads to less instances of procrastination.

3. Sharing is caring! Sharing your goals with someone who's opinion you respect hold you accountable and gives you a competitive advantage in reaching your goals. Verbalizing your goals to a friend, family or peer not only tricks your brain into feeling obligated to reach the goal but the individual may even offer support! It's a win-win.

I've listed the rest in the video below. Sometimes all of these methods work for me and sometimes only one but these methods are tried and true! Give yourself a chance to experiment with some of these and you will eventually come up with your own!

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