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The Law of Attraction (SIMPLIFIED)

After a long and productive day, I guzzled down a glass of my favorite brand of Sauvignon Blanc and began to think about my life in New York City. The lessons I've learned. The things I've seen. The people I've met. Two days ago, I mentioned that in 2017 or so I came across the book Ask and it is Given and it completely changed the way I thought.

It changed the way I thought about my thoughts. I learned about the law of attraction and it really clarified just what to do with that "mustard seed" sized faith that I acquired in Christianity. And I did A LOT with that faith! In my own life, I used my faith to get signed, to tour, to book an international commercial (seriously, I had a billboard in Times Square) and even to make a living off of my artistry alone which was something that I had started to believe was impossible for ME to do. After that discovery, my personal beliefs, words and thoughts started to command everything in my life....and then I got stuck. UGH.

I realized I got stuck because I was so fascinated by the LOA that I binged every piece of information on it. That included everyone's story (I'm exaggerating, maybe just a few....hundred LOL), multiple teachers, multiple processes, endless techniques and I basically overloaded myself and got back to square one of feeling totally out of control of my life.

SO, that brought me here. Amongst the many teachers that I listened to, there was a consistent and simplified message and process that I now default to whenever I get too wound up and stuck. The message is this: The only reason why we want anything outside of our basic needs (food, water, clothes, shelter) is because we believe we will FEEL better in the having of it. That's it! It isn't about anything else. Furthermore, if you are a person of faith you already know that faith is what brings the "thing". If you aren't a person of traditional faith, you know that attitude is what brings the thing. So you have to just feel "better" first and then the "thing" must surrender itself to you or, in simpler terms, you become a match to it and the it has no choice but to show up.

The second thing I over-complicated was the process of manifesting using this law. It's a simple 3 step process:

Step 1: ASK

The first step is to ask for what it is you actually want. Which, b t dubs, happens pretty naturally. Most people, including myself, think that asking means some grandiose gesture when in reality, asking happens the minute you feel in favor or opposed to something. Even when you're opposed to something in your mind you are asking mentally for what it is you actually want. Nonetheless, you can verbally ask, pray, work, and everything in between for the things that you want but you are asking when you pick a side or an objective.


Now this step got me really stuck. This step is emotionally acknowledging that the reality of what you want does indeed exist. You wouldn't want it if it wasn't already on your path and basking in that fact prepares you to believe that it's for you and receive it. Believe it or not, we don't all ask for the same specific things just as we haven't all lived the exact same days, minutes and seconds. The reality was formed the minute you asked for it and this step prepares you for the final step.


In my opinion, this step can be adventurous or torturous. Have you ever wanted to see a type of movie, like a romcom, sat down to watch it and immediately fast forwarded to the end just to make sure it's actually a romcom? Well, that's what we all do when we don't receive the reality being formed. If you've done step 1 & 2 then all you have to do now is see everything that presents itself to you as a step towards the actual manifestation.

That's it! I liken it to a film because I love movies and I can't imagine rushing through one. When you desire to see a certain film, especially if you've seen the filmmakers work before, you just trust that it is going to be satisfying to you. And, if you trust it, IT IS. When a show gets renewed for another season, you trust that the actors, producers and directors are going to do their thing to get everything in place for the exact season that you just asked for. You don't call the studio 5 million times to see if the lead showed up to film that day so why do that in your own life? It's as simple as looking at your life as a film. So, if you get stuck, refer to the simplicity of this process and BREATHE. We're in this together and just know that I am believing BEAUTIFUL things for you as I am for myself.

Checkout my podcast episode on this topic and share this with a loved one who might be struggling to believe...

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